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One of the main reasons why people choose our product is because we pay close attention to our customer care program and we offer one year of premium support to each customer. Ethalone Solutions support team works diligently to help each and every customer to resolve any confusion or question they bring to us. In our effort to continually improve our product, your letters to our support team set new goals for programmers to constantly enhance the program and make it even more user-friendly for our customers. Our Solutions page contains many answers to common issues that arise in working with our product. Our customers find it useful to refer to the forums in which they exchange knowledge about the product and their experience using it with other users. This is also where the free edition users can receive answers to their questions.

Our registered customers can use our priority e-mail support service by filling out the following form.

Users of free edition can obtain assistance by using our Community Forums.


Take a look at this Remote Desktop Control software, it is a good solution for remote support and help desk assistance.



Custom User Insterface is now inscluded in all commercial editions. This tool makes it easy to edit any installation dialog (including modal dialogs).

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