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Monday, 11 May 2009 09:47

.Net technology was offered by Microsoft as an easy way to build programs, portable for PC's, Smartphones, PDAs, etc. Creating .Net applications is really easy and they do work on each machine that has the correct version of .Net framework installed. Ghost Installer offers a quality installation of .Net application with a wide variety of features and options.

First of all, Ghost Installer can check, if a certain version of .Net Framework is installed on the end-user's machine. You can specify the version as precisely as you wish (i.e. 1.0, 1.1.4322, etc.). If required .Net Framework is installed, the installer does not try to install the Framework and proceeds to installing the software itself. If required framework wasn't found, Ghost installer can install it in three different ways:

Ghost Installer is able to download .Net Framework, .Net service packs, J# Framework and service packs from you web-site or from the redistributable's vendor's server, which saves your web-site traffic. As you can see in the screenshot, the third scenario offers you to download location's list, and then download the files from that list, which makes it possible to update location lists without rebuilding the installation and resending it to customers.

Ghost Installer can deploy .Net assemblies and perform various operations while installing them.

Ghost Installer can register assemblies to work with COM Interop, COM+ applications, call installers from the assembly, generate native assemblies, install assemblies to GAC, add Visual Studio design-time assemblies and register assemblies for Visual Studio.


Ghost Installer is the ideal tool for deploying .Net developments, it offers software engineers wide variety of options to perform most complicated deployment tasks.



Enterprise Edition is a high-end edition of Ghost Installer, Enterprise users have all features available for Ghost Installer and receive premium tech support.

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