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Monday, 11 May 2009 09:43

More and more software developers prefer to put their programs on the web-site rather than to release them on floppies or CD-ROMs. Of course, the size of the installations (which is proportional to download time for user) is very important in this case, this is where Ghost Installer's small installation engine and flexible WebDeploy module settings come to help. Ghost Installer's WebDeploy plug-in supports downloading from several locations, remote configuration files, downloading only options selected by user, saving downloaded files for future installations, multi-language customizable user interface.

These features make WebDeploy very powerful tool and yet small in size. WebDeploy can also be used by other plug-ins to download redistributable files (e.g. .Net Framework or service pack files) directly from their vendor's web-site, which saves traffic for your server.

You can also configure your installation to download WebDeploy configuration from the web-server, so that if download location will change, your customers will never know it and your customer support service won't get additional letters from disappointed users.

WebDeploy configuration

WebDeploy can be configured to download installation packages from several servers (the number of locations is unlimited). WebDeploy settings are independent for each package, so no configuration limitations are met here. During the installation WebDeploy tries to download a package from the first location, if it can't find the package there, it tries the second one and so on. Error message is shown to end-user only if all download locations have failed.

WebDeploy at work

When the installer cannot find an installation package in the folder of setup.exe file it starts WebDeploy which asks user what action it should perform:

If a user installs your software for the first time he presses 'Yes' button and the files are downloaded from the server:

Otherwise if a user has already installed the software and saved the packages, he may answer 'No" and find the packages on the disk and save his time and your web-server load and traffic. All WebDeploy dialogs are customizable and you can edit them (or even skin them) at any time in the user Interface tool:

All dialogs used in WebDeploy are also translated into several languages and you can also customize text strings for any WebDeploy dialog in language string Editor tool:


WebDeploy is a very comprehensive and powerful tool to create small Web-Installations, that will later download only those options that were selected by user, which will save time for users and lower the load and traffic for your web-server. WebDeploy plug-in is included in all commercial editions of Ghost Installer, but there's also a limited edition of WebDeploy included in Ghost Installer Demo, so you can try out configuring WebDeploy before buying it. The only limitation in Demo version is that all packages can only be downloaded from localhost, but anyway the picture costs thousands of words.